Sunday, April 4, 2021

Partnering With UGCSI, Launch Online Institute, Offering Community Service Certifications


Pennsylvania, USA --- Today, Chris and Carol Green, in partnership with the United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), announced the launch of  the STEP Forward Life Institute™, an accredited online life education and ministry preparation platform. 

"We provide practical instruction that equips you to add to your faith, embrace your unique process of success, and make certain you're prepared for those once in a lifetime opportunities to minister to your family and serve in your community." explains Chris and Carol Green.  

In Life Education, God is your research. Experience is your case study. Success is your credential.

"Our Life Education model guides students through their unique PROCESS, which releases God's SUCCESS in the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams of helping people," the Greens shared.

"We define Life Education as the God-sent wisdom and insight that one gains from experience and instruction, leading to growth and development in all dimensions of life: Spiritual, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, Mental, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental."

1.) In the STEP Forward Life Education model, spiritual growth and maturity are set at the core of one’s life, with all other dimensions emanating from, revolving around, and strengthened by a spiritual (Faith) center.

2.) In the STEP Forward Ministy Preparation model, your education is like a prospectus document that outlines something that doesn't exist, and describes what it will become. Your ministry preparation is the same.  It is not merely projecting an academic goal, business proposal, white paper, or mission statement, but it is a life development philosophy, that trains and prepares you to release God's solutions in real time, to real people, in the real world, and set yourself apart as an effective and creative contributor to your family and community's success.

The faculty and instructors include Chris and Carol Green, along with team members: Madeline Clark, Certified Faculty and CARE Minister and Pastor of New Zion Agape Fellowship; Mary Dennis, Certified Faculty and Servant Leader, overseeing Intercessory Prayer; Maxine Wright, Certified Faculty and Ministry Leader of Open Arms House of Love; and Alton and Shavaun Jackson, Adjunct Instructors and Ministry Leaders of The Givers of Hope Experience.


In addition to their main roster of instructors, STEP Forward also provides guest instructors that include:


Dr. Raphael Green, (D.Ed.Min)

Presiding Bishop of Metro Christian Worship Center

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Bishop Paul Veney

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


Frank King, (D.Jur.)

Senior Pastor of Refreshing Waters Worship Center

Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Amethyst Roberson, (MA, LPC, NCC)

A R Therapy and Consulting LLC

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


John and Kerry Shuey

Kingdom Quest Ministries

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

"Establishing this online platform is just the first phase of a long-term strategy to collaborate with a team of professionals who have been tasked with redeveloping the economic and educational infrastructure of at least one African country," explains Chris Green. "This institution will help us serve an overlooked demographic locally, nationally and internationally."


This online institute was officially endorsed by World Civility leaders, H.E. Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers, who is also the founder and president of I Change Nations.


The Life Prospectus educational model was endorsed by the 2020 I Change Nations Educator of the Year, Professor Michal P. Pitzl, who is also the Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International.


"The STEP Forward Life Institute has been in the works for 16 years," Chris and Carol Green concluded. "We believe we were being prepared all along to provide this tangible way to strengthen, equip and empower people to do effective works of service in their communities."