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World Civility 2022 Educators of the Year, Chris and Carol Green Publish New Book on Success

The ICN World Civility 2022 Educators of the Year, Chris and Carol Green, released their 20th publication, and in this one they're giving their readers a healthy and balanced perspective on what it means to be successful.

"Success is not only about what you will accomplish," The Greens write, "Ultimately it’s about who you will become."

Embrace God's process of success as you pick up nuggets of wisdom from Chris and Carol Green on how to 
Rest in God and get out of the grind; 
Retreat after devastating setbacks and disappointments; 
Revive and reset to come back out fighting again; and to be open, honest and humbled by your Comedy of Errors; the mistakes and bad decisions, upon which God extends mercy and grace, causing faults and failings to still work in your favor.

The Book's Foreword:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world changed. We were forced to do things differently. Operating systems have been modified or have completely been altered forever. Everything we knew pre-COVID has changed. Even processes have changed. Likewise, we must change to accommodate the shifts in a new reality. 

This book is a revelation on how to understand change. It lays out the truth about "process", as productive lives are always on a journey of constant growth and change. To stop growing and changing is to die. 

The Greens are top Searcherdemcians who are not afraid to take new paths to help lift and better humanity. They are not scared to be Searchers of a new way of doing things and because of this, they are fruitful.                     

They have gone through growth, death, and rebirth, while leading in a new philosophy of education for which the world is crying out. 

In Rest, Retreats, Revival and Other Comedies, Chris and Carol Green share the lived-out, evidence-based results and principles they learned from their process. To understand your process is to embrace a productive life. 

In my experience as an international educator, I have learned that truly understanding the reality of process leads to peace and empowerment. 

I've had the privilege of knowing and working with the Greens for nearly a decade.  I have observed their approach and can vouch for their genuineness and productivity. They have diligently worked, scraped, and sacrificed their way to top stages of influence

Having been through times of unemployment, home foreclosure, homelessness, car repossession; been targets of theft, fraud, betrayal, character smearing and swindle; been denied, detoured, delayed, disappointed, disillusioned, discouraged, and even fought against depression; they know what it means to live in bitter seasons, and to have to pray, plan, wait, work and rise again; again and again. They have lived their philosophy, and their life's work is their proof and irrefutable data. They’ve become the Professors of Process as they live and breathe. 

As the 2020 Global Educator of the Year and Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International, it is an honor to introduce a work of good fruit.              

I say, "When all else fails, follow the fruit." Professors Chris and Carol Green are good fruit and have produced tangible evidence and results of their life skills theory, "You are Success in Process." 

In this book, you are sure to find where you are "in your process."  You are sure to find your next step.  You will be encouraged and reassured that you are not alone in your journey.  You will find that you are "God's Success in Process." 

How refreshing is that?!

This is a riveting book that has inspired and impacted my life. 

You will already be succeeding by picking it up.

---Chancellor Michal P. Pitzl,    

United Graduate College and Seminary, Int’l

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Professors Chris and Carol Green Receive ICN 2022 World Civility Icon Awards, Global Educators of the Year

I Change Nations™ (ICN) ---Professors Chris and Carol Green each received an ICN 2022 World Civility Icon Award for Global Educator of the Year. This award is presented to candidates that have contributed to the advancement of humanity through their ideologies, inventions, and leadership. They have impacted communities with trust and dignity, having improved the quality of life for those they serve.

"They are so very deserving, and now the world will see it," stated Dr. Clyde Rivers who is also known as HRH, Nana Okogyeman Obremponnsu Kobina Amissah I - Development King at Large Ghana Africa, and is the founder and visionary of ICN. "This year we had four top Civility Educators: Prof. Patrick Businge, founder of Greatness University (London, UK), Prof. Chris Green, founder of STEP Forward Life Institute (Pennsylvania, USA), Prof. Julian Businge, Royal Civility Institute (London, UK), and Prof. Carol Green, Vice Chancellor at UGCSI. These four individuals have been impacting education for a post-Covid generation."

I Change Nations™ is an organization designed to build Cultures of Honor by acknowledging those who have displayed exemplary leadership in empowering humanity. Their mission is to bring back the lost art of honor by recognizing outstanding individuals and organizations throughout the world.

Chris and Carol Green are the founders of the STEP Forward Life Institute, providing community service certifications through life education. The Greens assert that in Life Education, God is your research; Experience is your case study; and Success is your credential. 

They are also Vice Chancellors of Administrative Leadership and known as Professors of Process at United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), where they provide professional development for its global consortium of Searcher Professors. 

The Greens, who define themselves simply as Servants of God, are life educators, certified professional master life coaches, leadership consultants, international statesmen, ordained ministers, songwriters, poets, international best-selling authors, students of life and Biblical text, and people who are passionate about prayer. They are also traditional marriage and family advisors, holistic wellness promoters, human value advocates, and trained in compassionate listening.

Professors Chris and Carol each hold a Doctorate in Searcherdemics, having successfully created, implemented, taught, duplicated and defended their Philosophy of CARE-Readiness. They have also been the recipients of honorary doctorates (conferred in 2016 and 2018) in Christian Leadership (Chris), Humanities (Carol), and in Society & Human Rights (both) to acknowledge their years of service and significant contributions to society and the field of life coaching for under-served populations.

With over 30 years of urban community outreach experience, today they focus most of their energy and efforts providing education and training for local and international leaders who desire to make a meaningful impact in the 21st century. 

Chris and Carol Green have been married over 40 years and have raised three sons. They have two daughters-in-law, two grandchildren, and a host of people throughout the world who call them 'mom and dad'. They are a husband-wife team, based in south central Pennsylvania, USA that was commissioned to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes.

Also see EIN Presswire article at 2022 World Civility Icons

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Chris and Carol Green Earn Doctorates in Searcherdemics

Chris and Carol Green, (D.Se)

United Graduate College and Seminary Int'l:  In a historical first, Professors Chris and Carol Green were each conferred a Doctor of Searcherdemics degree during the online ceremony of the UGCSI Searcher Education Summit with its Chancellors and Professors.

"Thank you for giving voice to Holy Spirit experience," expressed Carol Green, the newly credentialed professor to UGCSI's Chief Chancellor, HRH, Sir Clyde Rivers and its Chancellor, Dr. Michal P. Pitzl, who officially bestowed the earned degrees. "And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change and enrich the world by passing on the knowledge of God and His viewpoint that changes lives in practical and profound ways."

Chancellor Pitzl is the founder and creator of the Searcherdemic Education model which she believes God gave to her, to acknowledge and credential millions of people around the world, whose ideas and visions are lost simply because they don't have the finances or opportunities to navigate through the traditional educational matriculation process. 

"Your life, and the work that you have done, is the most tangible education that I have ever seen," said Chancellor Pitzl. "And if it is not worthy of a doctorate, I don't know what is." 

Searcherdemics is a faith-based education paradigm that fully incorporates one's life experience with their God-given innovative ideas, and a biblical foundation; enabling student/ searchers to do more than observe, study and research, but instead become the case studies and the actually research as they implement their innovations in real time, with real people, in the real world. It is founded on the principle that the Holy Spirit of God is the ultimate Educator. Therefore, students must search out the Godly knowledge and wisdom that will help them produce. 

It has become a new avenue for the innovators who, most likely, would never earn college degrees, even though they completely change the world by impacting industries, disciplines, and the communities in which they serve. Traditionally, the most they could ever hope for was an honorary masters or doctors degree. Searcherdemics says they should receive actual earned credentials because of their dedication, hard work, perseverance, and proven, evidence-based success.

"Thank you for encouraging, equipping and empowering us to move forward in our Searcher journey," Professor Chris Green stated, "We are eternally grateful and honored to receive such a prestigious credential. All glory and praise goes to God alone."

He added, "We love the fact that UGCSI is empowering people who can produce real answers for our world's problems, and this educational method provides an actual, measurable standard of success that can be recognized with comparable credentials that say, 'This Searcherdemician has the expertise and wisdom to successfully implement, teach, duplicate, and defend their philosophy.'"

Chief Chancellor Rivers recalled when he first met the Greens and how they built their God-given ideas into something that government leaders have acknowledged and supported in their community. He called them the poster children for Searcherdemics because we now live in a world that can't wait for 20-years of research before a new idea or methodology can be embraced. The pandemic exposed many of the fundamental, philosophical flaws in nearly every industry and normally it would take decades to respond. However, solutions can come forth NOW, from the Searcherdemicians who are already the embodiment of decades of research, case studies, and success.

"Consider that a prospectus is usually a document that outlines something that doesn't exist, yet it describes what it will become," explains the Greens who have successfully implemented, taught, duplicated and defended their Philosophy of CARE. "Searcherdemics believes you are that prospectus document. Therefore, the searcherdemic model is more than an academic education, business proposal, white paper, or mission statement, but it is a life development philosophy, that prepares you to release God's solutions in real time, and set yourself apart as an effective and creative contributor to your community's success."

The first Doctor of Searcherdemics recipient was Professor Shakuntala Reddy, from Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, who initiated a Philosophy of KINDNESS in the education curriculum of the primary school in her community. 

"Congratulations to our three excellent UGCSI leaders who have been building and spreading their Searcherdemic Philosophies for over a decade," stated Chancellor Pitzl, "It was determined that they should be the first recipients in the world to ever be bestowed this newly established doctorate from our institution."

Watch their key Ceremony Moment Replay at

Monday, March 28, 2022

Simply Servants of Christ


Chris and Carol Green

Recently, the topic came up about the way titles are being thrown around in church and religious circles. For most of our ministry life we have been called “pastors” Chris and Carol Green, and we have accepted that because we have understood the cultural and societal perceptions of those roles in a local church or faith community. That title reflects a responsibility, but we don't wear it as badge to set ourselves above others.

Sometimes you will hear us refer to our work and assignments in our community as apostolic or prophetic, but we have absolutely refused to refer to ourselves as Apostles Chris and Carol, or Prophet Chris and Prophetess Carol.

Just to set the record straight, the only title we see for ourselves is Servant.  Beyond that, we’re totally fine with being referred to as brother or sister, uncle or aunt, grand pa or grand ma, dad or mom, Mr. or Mrs., or just simply calling us by our given names.

Of course, in some settings, people may feel obliged to refer to us according to our life, educational, ministerial or professional roles, accomplishments, job titles, or other forms of distinction. It's their way of showing respect and honor. We get that. However, for the most part, we echo the words of Paul when he wrote:

“So look at Apollos and me as mere servants of Christ who have been put in charge of explaining God’s mysteries. Now, a person who is put in charge as a manager must be faithful.  As for me, it matters very little how I might be evaluated by you or by any human authority. I don’t even trust my own judgment on this point. My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t prove I’m right. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide.” ---1 Corinthians 4: 1-4

No matter what we accomplish or attain in this life, we want to be known by one description. Chris and Carol are mere Servants of Christ. We pray the same for you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Advancing from Inspiration to Manifestation of the Dream

Chris Green

You have a world-changing idea, business, initiative or vision, but where do you begin? How do you move from inspiration to manifestation? How do you launch a big dream?

I offer what we learned in our journey.

 1. Invest in your own community. Your community has to know and believe that you really do care for them. Think globally and work locally. Begin by investing on your home front. Make a genuine effort to help strengthen what others are building. This is also where you discover the validity of your God-idea. Your vision should boost their mission. You won’t actualize success through presentations, seminars and workshops that promote your vision, alone. You must test your dream in the real world. Buy-in to your vision should be built on tested and proven evidence. 

2. Engage key community leaders. Get to know the leaders in the community, and get to know as many of them personally as possible.  You must step outside of the four walls of your world (organization, church, ministry, or familiar circles). We began attending monthly community meetings, as well as government-sponsored luncheons and non-profit fundraisers, and made great connections. 

3. Listen to your community’s concerns. This is a statement that we posted on our business website: "Build a successful business, not only by selling a dynamic product and providing great customer service, but by connecting with your local community to help solve problems."  Listen to learn what is most important to them. For instance, if youth suicide or homelessness are your community's biggest concerns, but you don't feel called to these areas, then find a way to connect what you do with the solutions. You may not work directly with youth or homeless people, but you might work with those who do.

4. Lift what's already working – Instead of making your initial focus all about the solutions you have to offer, find out about the positives in your community and celebrate those successes. Become a voice of encouragement for those who are already doing good work. 

5. Learn your community. Do you know your community’s demographics? Do you know its historical significance? Do you know its recent history? Do you know the under-served populations within your community. Study what has already been attempted to bring about change. Learn about what was successful and why. Learn about what failed and why. 

6. Less is more.  Instead of trying to set up large events, conferences and campaigns, scale back and focus on 1:1 encounters, smaller groups and high-impact invitational gatherings. It's far better to meet with 4 highly influential people in your community in a private meeting, than to host a 500-people event in a hotel that produces no momentum for you. The best way to reach the masses is not by mass media or massive events. The best way will always be by connecting with one key person at a time. Let your good reputation create a word-of-mouth buzz. 

7. Serve somewhere in your community. Build Goodwill through volunteerism. For example, we volunteer in the local high school’s annual poetry writing contest. At that time, we’re not representing our company. We’re just citizens, helping out. We don’t talk about our business or solicit for clients. Through this, we have built goodwill within the education community. 

We also volunteered our services in an employment agency for 9 months and in a women's shelter for about 10 months. If your community has to pay for your time and (untested) services, you run the risk of being viewed as just another predator. By the time they learn about your business, ideas, solutions or outreach, they should already feel and know that you care about them.

8. Prioritize. One of the mistakes we made was to spread ourselves thin by saying yes to too many people, organizations, initiatives and activities. Eventually we had to prioritize our time and efforts, and focus on the development of our team and their growth. We had to drop the weight of good ideas and run with a clear, clean and lean vision.

Remember that as ambassadors of God's Kingdom, we bring HIS ideas to the table in our communities.  However, we must embrace the Godly wisdom and steps that will get us to that table.

You are Success in Process,

Chris Green

Servant, Life Educator

*Intellectual Property of Professor Christopher G. Green
Modified, and adapted from a 2017 article by Rod Edmonson

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Going Back Home!

Chris and Carol Green

Opinion-Editorial repeat from Thursday, May 4, 2017  

A couple of days ago, Carol and I had the most profound conversation in our relationship, since the time we made a pact that saved our 6-month old marriage. It was all about going back to just being ourselves and getting out of the maddening quest for significance. 

When you know that you have a purpose in life, it’s very easy to start down the path where you try to build a platform from which you can successfully reach out to help people. But after several failures and finding ourselves facing, yet, another critical moment of decision, we needed another one of our heart to heart moments to talk through what must happen in order for us to continue working and serving in this region.

I had just wrestled all night in prayer and my plea went something like this: 

“God, I ‘m still struggling with all the Charismatic, Evangelical and Faith teaching that has reduced You to a formula. I’m supposed to speak certain words, take a certain position, quote the right scriptures, face the right direction, tilt my head the right way, block the wrong thoughts, allow the right thoughts, loose this, bind that, and follow a laundry list of steps, decrees and declarations. To be honest, I can’t do it any more!  In fact, I don’t get it!  Since You’re my dad, why am I going through all these steps?  I’m an earthly father and I don’t require my sons to jump through hoops to get me to help them.  The truth is, they barely have to ask because I’m their dad and I want to be there for them.  I want to bless them.  I want to do all I can for them.  And it’s all because of my unique relationship with each one of them.  I thought this was how it was supposed to be in my relationship with You. It’s not supposed to be about pushing the right buttons and quoting the right phrases. You’re my Father, not a formula!”

This prayer was still in my heart the next morning when Carol and I sat down together to talk about what we needed to do next in Harrisburg, PA.  Imagine my surprise when my wife revealed that she had had a dream the same night I was crying out to God.  She said:

“I dreamed that we (including all of our sons) were caught in  a major snowstorm while driving in our SUV.   We got stuck. We could not move. It was snowing so heavily that I got out to clear off the front windshield. I realized the snow was up to my knees and started to get back in the SUV, but decided to clear the back window off as well. When I finished, I got back in the SUV, but Chris, instead of moving forward, started backing up. I asked him what was he doing?  When he backed up to the adjacent street, suddenly it was spring. He had backed up into a beautiful sunny day with all the trees blooming and green.”

Of course we were wondering what was the significance of going backwards into a spring season. Did it mean going back to work on regular jobs? Did it mean going back to Missouri? Did it mean going back to our roles as pastors? As we talked about what I had prayed about, we realized Carol’s dream was about US going back to that which was our foundation when we first moved to Pennsylvania in 2004. Everything we did and said was always about our relationship with one another and our relationship with God.  So we stopped in that moment, held hands, and prayed. We pledged to God that we would GO BACK home.

Shortly after that conversation, I came across a photo from our home city of St. Louis, MO. That photo was a reminder of who WE are as well as, where we come from.  It was a reminder that our value and worth is not in any titles or accomplishments. We have received many awards, honors and acknowledgements, and over the years, it became easier to identify ourselves with those things. We fell into a trap. It was the trap where you lose your identity in your effort to fulfill a destiny.

We have had a fresh revelation that we are simply a couple from St. Louis, MO that moved to Harrisburg, PA to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes. We were not sent to build a platform based on personal successes, religious qualifications, impressive titles, or jaw-dropping academic accomplishments.  Our only platform is our relationship with each other, our family, and with God.  If that is not enough, then nothing else will be.......

All that matters is that we have a genuine relationship with God; that we have a solid relationship with each other; that we have strong relationships with our children; and that we have loving relationship with our family and dearest friends. From all of these relationships, we were given an assignment.

We are simply a husband and wife, dad and mom, son and daughter, uncle and aunt, nephew and niece, brother and sister, cousins, and now grand parents.... who are out in the community trying to share with others, out of the bounty and beauty, from which we have lived.

This photo reminded us of where we come from; who we come from; and why we are here in south central, Pennsylvania.

So when we say that we're going back home, we don't mean we're physically moving back to St. Louis, MO.  We mean, we're going back to who we were, before and beyond the "Calling", the "Ministry", the titles, and the accolades.

No more fighting and struggling to prove ourselves. No more striving to get God to bless what we’re doing. No more struggling to convince anyone or even ourselves, that we are legit. 

We're going back home to Chris and Carol.

Chris: "Hi Carol! I'm your husband Chris. I've been gone for a few years, searching for the stuff that is supposed to give me significance and qualify me to speak or bring a healing message to a city or community. But I realize, all I really needed was God, YOU, our children, and all the relationships that are part of who I am today. I'm back, and it's good to be home."

Carol: "Hi Chris! I'm glad to have my husband back. I also realize that all I needed to take on this family-healing assignment was God, YOU, our children, and all the relationships that are part of who I am today. I'm here with you, and it's good to be home, together."

Sunday, December 19, 2021

With Contribution to Global Icon's Book, Chris and Carol Green Become International Best-Selling Authors

Ghana, West Africa: Professors Chris and Carol Green are contributing authors, along with 30 others, in the new international best-selling book, ROYALTY THAT VALUES ALL : A FORCE FOR CIVILITY. 

This book and it's primary author, Dr. Psalm Ebube, presents THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HRH KING, DR. Clyde Rivers, King of Development for the African Country of Ghana.

Each contributing author and leader, from around the world, shared their thoughts and imprints in this book that also describes Clyde River's life journey with people, his mentorship, leadership, and royal influence in over 125 nations.

Already the book has hit #49 in the category of International Best Sellers: Best Biographies of Educators; 

It's #3 in the Best Selling New & Future Releases in Biographies of Educators;

It's #10  in the Best Selling New & Future Releases in Biographies of Royalty; and it's #10 in Educator Biographies.

HRH King Dr. Clyde Rivers is one of the world's most revered and popular civility leaders and public figures. He is a man synonymous with the golden rule of philosophy. Today, he is seen and highly celebrated as a symbol of world civility, an ambassador for civil rights, and a heroic mentor whose influence and image of moral integrity and leadership values extend far beyond his country of residence. 

This iconic man has influenced thousands of high-profile personnel, and his impact on the global system is what the system cannot forget. He is the pioneer of  Honor for Africa. He is unique. His humility is almost unbelievable. His wisdom and intellect has made him stand out. There is none other like King Dr. Clyde Rivers. 

His journey led to his enthronement as the 'Development King at Large' for the Ekumfi Kuotukwa Kingdom in Ghana, Africa, a kingdom that was established in the year 1348. His official throne name is King Okogyeman Kobina Amissah I. 

This has truly been a life-changing experience, as Psalm and all the contributing authors who have had personal encounters with Clyde Rivers, bring a fresh and first-hand perspective to this landmark publication. They vividly convey both the pains and the inspiration that have characterized the life of this legendary and remarkable world civility leader.

This book gives the reader an overview of the global reach of I Change Nations™ and the influence of its Founder and President, King Dr. Clyde Rivers, who's reaching the world with the message of the Golden Rule, Civility for All , People Treatment, Honor, and Civil Discourse.