Saturday, September 11, 2021

Our Hearts Were Broken: 9/11 Anniversary Tribute


Our Hearts Were Broken

9/11 Anniversary Tribute (Written 9/11/2011)

Ten years ago today our hearts were broken.

In horror we watched, no word could be spoken.

Time stopped, Could this be really happening?

My eyes can’t believe what I’m seeing.

Did the news flash really say what I'm hearing?

Sirens and screams in the background searing.

I cannot imagine what people are feeling.

As loved ones perish while thousands are fleeing.

Overwhelmed with grief, sickened by sorrow.

It’ll just be a nightmare when I wake up tomorrow.

How could something so evil be unleashed on the world?

Snatching the innocence of every boy and girl.

We’ll never forget the moment the second plane flew in.

The exclamation of the commentator,

"O my God, It happened again!"

And panic begin to set in as we learned

The terror plot wasn’t done,

Another plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

We’ll never forget the thoughts as we watched events unfold.

Is this the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, foretold?

Is it just the random deed of some religious maniac?

Is it the start of world war three, is our nation under attack?

We’ll never forget the moment

When those towers came crashing down.

Our hearts were crumbling with it,

Knowing lives were being snuffed out.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry,

But I could only kneel down.

I prayed to God, 

In whom peace and solace could be found.

God alone can avenge the taking of innocent lives.

For the first responders who left behind

Grieving children, husbands and wives.

For the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters

Who faded away with no warning;

For the brothers and sisters

Who did not see the next day’s dawning.

It’s taken me ten years,

To put words on these thoughts.

Ten years of processing feelings

Of profound sadness and loss.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully express

What happened to us that day,

Except that I know we came to understand

The tears on God’s face!

For ions of time

He has watched mankind destroy one another.

He stepped in from the beginning

After one brother killed the other.

What religious view is so important

That so many lives need to be shattered?

What political agenda means so much

That nothing else matters?

America, America, 

God poured out His grace on Thee

As crying and wailing rang out 

From sea to shining sea.

Ten years ago our hearts were broken,

But I have to wonder somehow.

Where will we be within our hearts

Another ten years from now?

Chris Green, 9/11/2011

Chris Green wrote this song three days after the tragic events of 9/11. The lyrics are based upon the prophetic words of Jeremiah Chapter 5 (Will I not avenge myself on a nation such as this?). 

This song intends no disrespect to those who died and have suffered since that day.  However, it is a sobering message to people of Faith, that still resonates to this day.

This song is addressing the American Church and its responsibility to follow the life and mission of Jesus Christ in ministering to a nation in crisis.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Milestone: 90 CARE-Ready Life Coaches in 28 Organizations Across Seven States

Pennsylvania, USA --- Chris and Carol Green, in collaboration with The STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute and United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), hosted the graduation of the CARE-Ready Life Coach™  Certification Summer Class of 2021, in an event that took place on a live video conference.

“Congratulations to our new CARE-Ready Life Coaches," commented Chris and Carol Green, whose coaching and consulting business, C and C Connections, LLC, serves as the organizers and facilitator of the training. "These powerful women had to overcome tremendous personal struggles, which included processing through grief due to the loss of family members and friends, the continued challenges of the Covid-19 lock down, and other life upheavals."

The newest CARE-Ready Life Coaches™  worked through 10 weeks (15 hours) of instruction,  successfully passed an online exam, submitted their personalized life coaching field manuals, and made class presentations to express how they were each going to meet the challenges of implementing their coaching models in their communities.

With the successful graduation of this class, Chris and Carol Green have now trained and launched 90 CARE-Ready Life Coaches™ , who are disbursed and embedded in at least 28 organizations, businesses, agencies or ministries across seven states: California, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The newest CARE-Ready Life Coaches are: Sol Evans, Dr. Pia Scott, Dr. Latinia Shell, and Raimyiah Stanford.

Comments from the students of this graduating class of August 2021 included: 

"Instructors were great! The course was interactive, supportive and educational." - Sol Evans

"I truly enjoyed this coaching program and the facilitators. I learned so much about myself, classmates and coaches. Very informative and I will recommend to others." - Dr. Pia Scott

"Overall, the course was phenomenal both personally and professionally. The content and the spirit-led modality made the class a life-changing experience!!" - Dr. Latinia Shell

"This was an AMAZING CLASS! Very interested in the Master course and becoming a certified trainer." - Raimyiah Stanford

As the founders of the STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute and affiliate members of, and International Statesmen with iChange Nations™, Chris and Carol Green have partnered with UGCSI to offer an accelerated, ministry-accredited life coaching certification program. Their collaborative purpose and mission has been, to equip leaders, working in underserved communities, with high-quality tools that empower them to be more effective in their humanitarian efforts. 

Editor's Note:

Watch the Graduation Video HERE

Learn more about the CARE Ready Life Coach Certification Program at

Monday, July 26, 2021

Five Keys to Navigating Awkward Conversations

By Christopher Green

The awkward conversation has to be one of the most challenging scenarios in our lives. Most people don’t like confrontation or conflict anyway. It doesn’t matter if the issue is a difference of opinion, the need to bring up an embarrassing matter, or to give bad news, most of us struggle with the basic uncomfortable nature of this type of conversation. Some people have no filter between their thoughts and their mouth, so there’s no such thing as an awkward conversation, at least to them. They don’t usually concern themselves with how they are abrasively impacting others. 

On the other end of the spectrum, others have a hard time being assertive in the best of times, and when it comes to an awkward conversation, it creates a near impossible wall for them to scale. From our many years of personal and professional experience with awkward conversations that have ranged from family members to clients, we offer these five keys. 

1. Pause: Whether you find yourself in a sudden and unexpected moment of awkwardness or if you’re anticipating a conversation, it’s important to first pause, step back and consider your thoughts and feelings. Awkward conversations are filled with feelings and multiple reactions. Those feelings can include embarrassment, anger, anxiety or frustration. Responses can include shock, defensiveness, denial, retaliation, or indifference.  Taking a pause is about self-awareness. It’s about recognizing and regulating your own feelings so you’re not swept away in the tide of awkwardness. 

2. Enlightened engagement: This is all about having the presence of mind to not only prepare yourself, but to also give some type of notification to the other person that the conversation is coming. Offer a simple text, email or quick comment like, “There’s something I’d like to talk with you about today.” 

With your self-awareness elevated, confront the unknown of the awkward with confidence. When you engage the person, be clear, be concise, be cautious, and be conclusive. Engage the person with CARE (compassionate awareness with respect and empathy). When your engagement is from this higher perspective, you can be mindful to determine where the conversation should take place, as well as when. 

However, if the awkward conversation is a spontaneous moment that breaks out in front of customers, in the office, or in the living room, you can diffuse a potential disaster by saying, “Let’s talk about this over here,” or “Can we step outside for a minute?” 

Enlightened engagement will cause you to be so self-aware and socially aware that you won’t be easily driven by your own fear of the unknown within the awkward. Instead you’ll be guided from a perspective of wisdom and concern for the person with whom you must speak. This can still hold true, even if the person is hostile and responding in a very negative manner. 

3. Ask Questions:  Do not assume that you know the answers, even when it seems obvious. Depending upon your relationship, ask questions like, “Are you aware that….?” or “Please help me understand why….” 

After you hear their response, be prepared to ask the second question. Sometimes we ask one question. The person answers, and then we react. However, we suggest that you ask a second question just to make sure that you are clear and understand their perspective.  It’s not about asking questions until you get the response that you desire. You don’t ask until they say something that you agree with. If you do that, you’ll turn it into an interrogation instead of a conversation. You are asking questions until you are sure that you understand their point of view. If you feel they are being untruthful or omitting some part of their story, please know that you’re not a judge and this is not a hearing. You’re simply giving them an opportunity to present their view. 

4. Listen to Learn: If you’re going to ask questions, then you must actually listen. We humans do not listen very well. We pretend to listen, we selectively listen, or we listen for pauses and breaks in the dialogue in order to state our opinions. Active, empathetic and facilitative listening is absolutely essential for navigating the awkward conversation. If you can provide reflective listening feedback during an awkward conversation, you can take away the power of the awkward and empower yourself and the other person to actually have a healthy, mutually-beneficial conversation. Your listening and feedback will communicate that you’re making a sincere effort to understand them and the situation surrounding the conversation. 

5. Respond: Instead of being reactionary, you can make a thoughtful response rooted in compassion, concern, and curiosity (a genuine desire to understand). Most people tend to merely react to the revelations that come out of an awkward conversation with a criticism or an immediate correction of the other person. We’re not saying that these won’t be part of your conversation, but they should not be your first responses. The punitive reaction will yield limited, if any change. However if a critique (without criticizing), correction or advice comes from a position of compassion, concern, and curiosity, you have a better chance of building bridges rather than erecting more walls in the relationship. 

Chris and Carol Green are the founders of C and C Connections, LLC and creators of the CARE-Ready Life Coaching model.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Chris and Carol Green Publish Legacy of Lyrics and Poems

In the 1990’s, when we became the youth leaders in our local church, our writing exploded through the expression of songs. 

Chris would have dreams that he was listening to songs on the radio. He heard all the music and lyrics. He would wake up and record himself on a portable tape recorder so that he wouldn’t forget what he dreamed. Eventually, we kept a portable recorder on the nightstand. We used many of those songs, with their Biblically-principled lyrics, to reinforce the lessons in our weekly sessions with teenagers.

During those years, we also began writing songs that were embraced by our larger church community as our pastor recognized that our tunes contained lyrics that could impact more people beyond the youth in the congregation. We were given one Sunday each month to lead the entire congregation in songs of praise and worship, and we taught them the songs God was giving us.

We also brought the songs to the neighborhood in which our church resided. Every week our ministry had a food outreach. The neighbors were allowed to gather in the fellowship hall. While their groceries were being bagged, we assembled some of the teenagers as a small ensemble to sing to the people while they waited for their food. We literally taught the attendees our simple little tunes, and then prayed for everyone.

This outreach grew to the point where we had 50 families, (not just 50 people), yes, 50 families attending every week. They completely filled the hall. It was as if though we had another church meeting in the building. They were an incredible mix of black, white, old and young. Some said that they no longer came for the food. They were coming for the worship and the prayer. One such attendee was a young white girl who happened to be pregnant. Then, for several weeks, we didn’t see her.

Suddenly she returned with a little bundle of joy. Our volunteers and teenagers surrounded her as she kept saying, “Come see my miracle baby! See my little miracle!”

Of course, we wanted to know why she kept referring to her baby as a miracle. Then she shared her testimony and it forever changed our view of songwriting and worship.

She revealed that when the baby was born, the child died immediately afterwards. The baby was dead; gone. She said, “All I knew to do was just to sing the songs you guys taught me. So I just started singing those songs over my baby, and she came back to life. So here she is; my little miracle.”

Of course we all rejoiced with her.

From that moment to this one right now, we have not cared about trying to make it ‘big’ in the music industry. We don’t care if we are ever well-known, famous worship artists, worship writers, or any of those titles.  Our songs may never receive any awards or accolades in the Christian music industry or any other music industry. 

The highest level has already been reached and that was for them to be used by God in a powerful way. God had given us songs, and those songs of praise and worship had been instrumental in imparting faith into a new mother; in resurrecting her baby from the dead.

When it comes to writing songs, poetry, books, or anything else that we put down on paper or type into a computer, we realize God has allowed us to experience His purpose for our writing gifts. 

Only a small elite group of songwriters in this world will receive earthly awards and recognition, but this miracle was the highest honor. Our focus was set: We’re writing for God alone.

---Chris and Carol Green

Order Our Lyrical Life from Amazon Books

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Milestone: 86 CARE-Ready Life Coaches in 25 Organizations Across Five States

Pennsylvania, USA ---Chris and Carol Green, in collaboration with United Graduate College and Seminary International, graduated the first CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification Class of 2021, an event that took place on a live video conference.

“Congratulations to our new CARE-Ready Life Coaches," commented Chris and Carol Green, who's business, C and C Connections, LLC, serves as the organizers and facilitators of the training. "This class had to overcome tremendous personal struggles, which included the loss of two family members, the continued challenges of the Covid-19 lock down, and other life upheavals."

The newest CARE-Ready™ Coaches worked through 10 weeks (15 hours) of instruction,  successfully passed an online exam, submitted their personalized life coaching field manuals, and made class presentations to express how they were each going to meet the challenges of implementing their coaching models in their communities.

With the successful graduation of this class, the Greens have now trained and launched 86 CARE-Ready Life Coaches, who are disbursed and embedded in at least 25 organizations or ministries across five states: Pennsylvania, California, Maryland, Missouri and North Carolina.

The newest CARE-Ready Life Coaches are: Patrice Grace, Winopa Mbakop, and Ronald Parsons.

Comments from the students of this graduating class of June 2021 included: 

"This class was truly awesome!  I thank God for being able to take the course." 

"I am looking forward to using all the tools and strategies that I have learned through the training."

"This class meant a lot to me. It gives me the opportunity to do things from a different point of view."

As the founders of the STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute and affiliate members of, and International Statesmen with iChange Nations™, Chris and Carol Green have partnered with United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI) to offer an accelerated, ministry-accredited life coaching certification program. Their collaborative purpose and mission has been, to offer leaders, working in underserved communities, high-quality tools that empower and equip them to be more effective in their humanitarian efforts. 

Editor's Note:

Watch the Graduation Video HERE

Learn more about the CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification Program at

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Community Life Coach Speaks at Fatherhood Academy Support Group Session

Pennsylvania, USA---- Community Life Coach, Chris Green was the facilitator of today's session for the Fatherhood Academy Support Group. These weekly sessions are sponsored by Life Esteem, Inc, for men 18 years and older. This support group is especially helpful for men who are reuniting with their families involved in separation or divorce from their family, or simply to improve their parenting skills. 

"We launched tonight's session by talking about the The Process of Success: 8 Key Elements to Fulfilling Purpose," Coach Chris explained. "The conversation was so engaging that we only made it through 3 of the 8 elements. That's because this workshop is all about a self inspection; not for tearing men down, but to rebuild, restore and renew them. I felt the conversation was powerful and impactful."

Dr. Nathaniel Gadsden, who leads the weekly outreach, invited Coach Green to return and continue the Process of Success workshop next week, encouraging the men to spread the word and bring a friend. 

"This discussion about process is real and raw," Coach Chris Green concluded. "And it is revitalizing for men: husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. I look forward to this opportunity to serve Dr. Gadsden and work with the men in this community."

Editor's Notes:

Chris (and Carol) Green are authors, educators, entrepreneurs, certified master CARE-Ready life coaches, leadership consultants, songwriters, poets, compassionate listeners, ordained ministers, traditional marriage and  family advisers, conflict resolution mediators, holistic wellness promoters, and human value advocates.


With over 30 years of urban community outreach experience, today they focus most of their energy and efforts connecting with local and international leaders who desire to make a meaningful impact when working in under-served and diverse communities. 

Through their CARE-Ready Leadership initiatives and their proven training models, they retool, equip and empower community, government and education leaders, human service organizers, business visionaries, and neighborhood dreamers, to be much more effective by embracing the principles of CARE-Ready Responding  (Civility Awareness with Respect and Empathy) and CARE-Ready  Coaching (Compassionate Accountability with Respect and Empathy) in their professional and personal lives.

Their community-supporting initiatives have included hosting free monthly group CARE coaching sessions in an unemployment center, on-call CARE coaching support and CARE-Ready coach training of the staff of a women's homeless shelter, CARE-Ready coach training of mentors in an ex-offenders program, consultation with local service organizations, and collaborating with various community outreach efforts.


For their community service, they were inducted in the 2021 World Book of Greatness. They also received the Harambee 2019 Community Leadership Award  and a United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year Nomination. They received Urban Leadership Awards (2016) and Community Ambassador Awards (2015) from iChange Nations™, and Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace Awards (2015) as part of the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative to the United Nations through Golden Rule International.​​


They have also been the recipients of honorary doctorate degrees (conferred in 2016 and 2018) in Christian Leadership (Chris), Humanities (Carol), and Society & Human Rights (both) to acknowledge their many years of service and significant contributions to society and the field of life coaching.


Chris and Carol have been married over 40 years and have raised three sons. They have two daughters-in-law, two grand children, and a host of people throughout the world who call them 'mom and dad'. They make it a priority to give back to the community through their Network of Community Services.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Chris and Carol Green Partner With UGCSI, Launch Online Institute Offering Community Service Certifications


Pennsylvania, USA --- Today, Community Life Coaches Chris and Carol Green in partnership with the United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), announced the launch of  an online training course platform known as the STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute.


"A prospectus outlines something that doesn't exist, and describes what it will become," Coach Chris Green shares in giving the big news. "Therefore, the Success Through Experience and Process (STEP) Forward Life Prospectus is not just a business proposal, white paper, or mission statement, but it is a life development philosophy, process and education model that equips and empowers you to release solutions (that which does not exist) into your family and community."


STEP Forward will provide an online learning, faith-based, non-governmental, platform that offers accredited community service certifications that can strategically prepare and position students to fulfill  their Kingdom Ambassador roles in relationships, households, careers, business or community outreach initiatives.


"We have excellent biblically-based courses that will enable you to set yourself apart as an effective and creative contributor to the success of your community through Searcherdemics™  (Life education that is practical and relevant)," explains Coach Carol, "You can earn certifications through personal study, reading the required materials, accessing videos on demand, and completing assignments and/or exams.”


The faculty and instructors include Chris and Carol Green, along with team members: Madeline Clark, Certified Faculty and CARE Minister and Pastor of New Zion Agape Fellowship; Mary Dennis, Certified Faculty and Servant Leader, overseeing Intercessory Prayer; Maxine Wright, Certified Faculty and Ministry Leader of Open Arms House of Love; and Alton and Shavaun Jackson, Adjunct Instructors and Ministry Leaders of The Givers of Hope Experience.


In addition to their main roster of instructors, STEP Forward also provides guest instructors that include:


Dr. Raphael Green, (D.Ed.Min)

Presiding Bishop of Metro Christian Worship Center

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Bishop Paul Veney

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


Frank King, (D.Jur.)

Senior Pastor of Refreshing Waters Worship Center

Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Amethyst Roberson, (MA, LPC, NCC)

A R Therapy and Consulting LLC

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


John and Kerry Shuey

Kingdom Quest Ministries

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

"Establishing this online platform is just the first phase of a long-term strategy to collaborate with a team of professionals who have been tasked with redeveloping the economic and educational infrastructure of at least one African country," explains Chris Green. "This institution will help us serve an overlooked demographic locally, nationally and internationally."


This online institute was officially endorsed by World Civility leaders, H.E. Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers, who is also the founder and president of I Change Nations.


The Life Prospectus educational model was endorsed by the 2020 I Change Nations Educator of the Year, Professor Michal P. Pitzl, who is also the Chancellor of United Graduate College and Seminary International.

The STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute offers two paths of learning:


1.) Students can begin investing in their future by building academic and spiritual capacity through the Professional Development tract.This is where you can obtain accredited ministry certifications that will give a solid foundation for taking one's place of leadership in the community.


2.) At the same time students can begin a tract of self-care and Personal Development. Although these courses are free of charge, the quality is high because the experience and wisdom of the instructors is tested and proven.


"The STEP Forward Life Prospectus Institute has been in the works for 16 years," Chris and Carol Green concluded. "We believe we were being prepared all along to provide this tangible way to strengthen, equip and empower people to do effective works of service in their communities."