Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Return to Civility: Can We Agree in our Disagreements?

It seems bullying is the way to get things done in the world today.

We condemn the kids who are harassing, tormenting, and beating up other kids who are different, and not of the same or accepted beliefs, preferences, orientations, politics, religion, etc.

But then, we (the adults and leaders) have the audacity to feel justified in doing the same thing (bullying) to anyone who does not agree with our views.  We go out of our way to destroy their business, livelihood, reputations and families.  We call for boycotts, resignations, and firings, as we resort to physical and social media mob violence in the process.  We don’t check facts or seek to understand anything.  We thrive on hear-say, speculation, fake news and gossip.  Things are so bad now that anyone who tries to bring healing and unity is seen as a traitor, collaborator, and sell out.

We have redefined the terms, changed the definitions, and raised a generation that actually believes that anyone who disagrees with them really hates them.  Anyone who critiques them is critical of them.  Anyone who tries to correct them is someone who is trying to destroy them.  Anyone who differs from them is a threat that needs to be eliminated from the surface of the planet.

There is no more civility that simply agrees to disagree and just move on.

There yet remains a very simple solution that has historically crossed the boundaries and lines of race, religion, politics and economics. You find it in the words of Christ who said: "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another the way I have loved you."

I still have hope that we will find a way to return to civility in our revolution to a new world. If not, we will merely step back in time, to eras of barbaric domination of one human being over another.  If that is what we choose over the next ten years, we will have only returned to square one and realize that we have made no progress at all.

Coach Chris Green


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