Saturday, January 30, 2021

Online Environmental Wellness Session for Opioid Recovery Program

Pennsylvania, USA ---- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green facilitated an online Holistic Wellness Presentation for Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. This session’s topic was Environmental Wellness and it featured special guest presenter, Dr. Vikram Parrarkine, the founder of PEACE, USA.

Environmental Wellness is one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, which are all deemed to be necessary in order for an individual to experience and have a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are: Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Financial Wellness, Occupational Wellness, and Environmental Wellness.

“We found the session to be fascinating and enlightening,” said Chris Green, “Dr. Vikram brought tremendous insight and understanding to all as he connected us, in a fresh way, to the world around us.”

The objective of the session was that all participants would:

1. Have an understanding of what is meant by the term “Environmental Wellness”

2. Identify and/or confirm at least one area where they can improve their relationship with environmental wellness, and

3. Recognize the connection between exercise, nutrition and rest to physical wellness.

According to Dr. Pattarkine, a recognized international leader in environmental sustainability and renewal energy, “Environmental wellness is realizing we are a part of the environment and the environment is a part of us.”

Dr. Pattarkine brought forth a masterful presentation as he helped the participants understand such concepts as Assimilative Capacity,  which is the ability of the environment or a portion of the environment (such as a stream, lake, air mass, or soil layer) to carry waste material without adverse effects on the environment or on users of its resources. He showed how pollution occurs only when the assimilative capacity is exceeded. He also showed how the covid-19 lockdowns have given the environment the opportunity to recover. 

In concluding, Dr. Pattarkine gave practical advice on how to respond individually. He recommended that the online audience:

Live simply – at the need level

Do not hoard unnecessarily

Eat well – eat to live; not live to eat

Exercise regularly

Help others (as possible)

Meditate, contemplate

The presentation was followed by Q & A and then Chris and Carol Green led a discussion about the changes the participants have noticed in the environment, and even in the behavior of the animals in their neighborhoods and communities. They also focused on the parallels between environmental wellness and physical wellness. Then they related these thoughts to what people can do in their personal lives, to make informed decisions regarding the environment and their health and wellness.

The Wellness Series host, and founder of the Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center, Pat Gadsden, concluded the online session with high praise for Dr. Pattarkine and thanked all of the participants for their contributions to an outstanding session.

Editor's note: Watch Dr. Vikram Pattarkine's Presentation HERE

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Promoting Process of Success in Africa


Mozambique, Africa ---United Graduate College and Seminary International Professors, Dr. Mateus Mutola, and Professors Chris and Carol Green, joined together on The Africa Civility Show to promote a powerful message on how to push past your pain and go through the process of manifesting the Success that is already within you. Dr Mutola invited the Greens to be his first guest to launch an epic episode to set the tone for the New Year. 

The Africa Civility Show (TACS) is a Live stream platform based in Mozambique, Africa, for the gathering of hundreds of thoughtful and iconic Leaders, Influencers, Humanitarians and Doers from around the world, who share a common interest in practical solutions for the sustainable development of Africa.

The Africa Civility Show expects to reshape the way the world thinks about and looks at Africa and help rebuild her confidence in herself, so she becomes the Oasis of the world.

"It was an honor be invited back to TACS," the Greens commented "Dr. Mutola is a brilliant educator and cutting-edge philosopher. We loved the way he facilitated the conversation and helped connect the discussion to the the heart of his audience. We could see that he has his finger on the pulse of his community, country and continent."

The topic centered around the Green's soon-coming book that will speak to the Process that every human being must go through in order to bring forth the Success that they are already created to be. That process involves understanding 8 keys that will help an individual or an organization navigate through life and its challenges. 

The Green's insisted that Success begins with God. Drawing from the Biblical reference of Psalm 139, the Greens explained that Success is encoded in our DNA. The very fact that God has given us life means we are the manifestation of God's Success released on Earth. Therefore, we are not striving to be successful, but we are yielding to a process that will reveal the Success that God has created us to be.

Dr, Mutola honed in on the painful part of the process by posing questions on how the audience can get past the dead ends, road blocks, despair and disappointments in life.

"The answers were so powerful and so profound," expressed Dr. Mutola, "After one hour of dialogue, we only covered two of the eight keys. However, I felt the listeners needed time to digest, dissect and really grasp the nuggets of wisdom that were being presented."

The new book by the Greens will be titled: Rest, Retreats, Revival and other Comedies: You are Success in Process. The Greens said they realize the title is very different, but are confident that it will make sense as readers walk through the keys. 

In the meantime, Dr Mutola said,"We must have them back on the show to continue releasing the other six keys in the Process of Success."

Editor's Note: Watch the Livestream HERE

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Honored and Recognized as Icons of Greatness

London, UK ---Chris and Carol Green were officially inducted in the 2021 World Book of Greatness today on the Greatness TV global broadcast. The World Book of Greatness is the world’s first and only official record of great (yet primarily unknown) people around the world. 

This book is curated by Greatness University, which was founded by Dr. Patrick Businge, EdD, PhD, DFSHC. Greatness University is the world’s first institution dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering greatness in individuals and organizations. 

As dedicated greatness creators, GU’s team members, business partners and global ambassadors are always researching, rewarding and celebrating greatness and acknowledging legends, creators, leading lights, masters and icons of greatness in the world.

"We are extremely honored and humbled by this," the Greens commented in response to their selection, "In spite of the challenges of 2020, this has been absolutely surreal for us. All honor and praise goes to God!"

The Greens were selected for induction in the category known as Global Icons of GreatnessDr. Businge describes Icons of Greatness as people who have done ordinary things in extraordinary ways. 

The Greens qualified for this distinction because they are the world's leading producers of CARE-Ready Life Coaches™. They have been teaching and training community, government and education leaders, human service organizers, business visionaries, and neighborhood dreamers how to be much more effective by embracing the principles of CARE (Compassionate Awareness with Respect and Empathy) in their professional and personal lives. They LISTEN to, LIFT up and LAUNCH people. Then they equip and empower them to do the same for others through their coaching and consulting business known as C and C Connections.

Chris and Carol Green are also Professors of Administrative Leadership and Searcher Education at United Graduate College and Seminary International. They each hold Life Achievement, competency-based Bachelor and Masters degrees in Christian Leadership and they are recipients of honorary doctorates in Christian Leadership (Chris) and Humanities (Carol); as well as honorary doctorates in Society and Human Rights (both).

Last, but not least, they are the founders of the Fruitful Life Network of Ministries which serves, equips and empowers people of Faith through: One Business, One School, One Ministry and One Mission.