Thursday, August 26, 2021

Milestone: 91 CARE-Ready Life Coaches in 28 Organizations Across Eight States

Pennsylvania, USA --- Chris and Carol Green, in collaboration with The STEP Forward Life Institute and United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI), hosted the graduation of the CARE-Ready Life Coach™  Certification Summer Class of 2021, in an event that took place on a live video conference.

“Congratulations to our new CARE-Ready Life Coaches," commented Chris and Carol Green, whose coaching and consulting business, C and C Connections, LLC, serves as the organizers and facilitator of the training. "These powerful women had to overcome tremendous personal struggles, which included processing through grief due to the loss of family members and friends, the continued challenges of the Covid-19 lock down, and other life upheavals."

The newest CARE-Ready Life Coaches™  worked through 10 sessions (15 hours) of instruction,  successfully passed an online exam, submitted their personalized life coaching field manuals, and made class presentations to express how they were each going to meet the challenges of implementing their coaching models in their communities.

With the successful graduation of this class, Chris and Carol Green have now trained and launched 91 CARE-Ready™ Life Coaches and 25 Care-Ready™ Responders who are disbursed and embedded in at least 28 organizations, businesses, agencies or ministries across eight states: California, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

The newest CARE-Ready Life Coaches are: Sol Evans, Dr. Pia Scott, Dr. Latinia Shell, and Raimyiah Stanford.

Comments from the students of this graduating class of August 2021 included: 

"Instructors were great! The course was interactive, supportive and educational." - Sol Evans

"I truly enjoyed this coaching program and the facilitators. I learned so much about myself, classmates and coaches. Very informative and I will recommend to others." - Dr. Pia Scott

"Overall, the course was phenomenal both personally and professionally. The content and the spirit-led modality made the class a life-changing experience!!" - Dr. Latinia Shell

"This was an AMAZING CLASS! Very interested in the Master course and becoming a certified trainer." - Raimyiah Stanford

As the founders of the STEP Forward Life Institute and affiliate members of, and International Statesmen with iChange Nations™, Chris and Carol Green have partnered with UGCSI to offer an accelerated, ministry-accredited life coaching certification program. Their collaborative purpose and mission has been, to equip leaders, working in underserved communities, with high-quality tools that empower them to be more effective in their humanitarian efforts. 

Editor's Note:

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Will Someone Please Listen to Me?

Over the past few years I’ve had encounters with businesses, government agencies, consultants, and professionals in various service fields that have not only been unproductive, but they’ve been nerve wracking, tedious and frustrating.

With one agency, I sent them an email to ask why I never received a particular payment. The responder had me to update all of my previously submitted information. Twelve weeks later, after being sent on endless and needless trails, I sent an email and posted in all capital letters: WILL SOMEONE PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL AND ANSWER MY ACTUAL QUESTION? 

The response was that their department did not handle my issue and they provided the phone number to the appropriate entity and the matter was resolved in a matter of days. It took twelve weeks for someone to actually listen to me.

You would think that was an isolated incident, but this non-listening climate has become the normal. I see it most prominently among professionals who have offered their expertise in helping my coaching business with website, marketing, and establishing a social media presence.

When I tried to explain the thought and history of my work (so they would have the right perspective in how to design my website or promote what I do), most of them were far more interested in educating me on the proper strategies and what is trending now. The results were always something that they were very happy with, but often, not even close to what I truly needed or desired. I’d click on my new website or social media pages and sigh in frustration asking, “Will someone actually listen to me?”

For some reason, what has been lost in today’s world of "experts", is that the business owner, the consumer or the client still knows what will work best for them. It’s not the job of the consultant to first educate the client on what is best. Their first job is to listen and educate themselves on the individual or the company that they are about to serve.

My experience has been that the expert creates something that will make life easier for them; not something that will make life easier for me. They install systems or packages that are seemingly quicker, seamless, and technologically advanced, but for me, it was neither intuitive or comprehensive with my company or my clientele.

I would always try to explain that my clients are obtained by actually physically attending community meetings and events. I have to pass out flyers, meet with people face to face, shake their hands, have real conversation, and build actual relationships. Most of my clientele do not do the social media thing. Most of my clientele do not do the slick and fancy website design thing. Most of my clientele are older and they don’t do texting.  They want a phone call or an email. So I need a website and marketing plan that adapts to my clientele.

It’s been difficult to get them to listen because they insist that I drag my customers and clients into the new way things are done. So again, I come away with a product that works for the experts, but not for me and my clients.

So what am I saying to you today?

As a professional, it’s not your job to convince people that your way will work best, even if you know that to be true. Your job is to allow them to take that journey for themselves. When you step over or stomp on their thoughts and views to implement your best ideas, you’ve already lost them. You become just one more loud voice, in the long list of people, organizations, agencies, businesses and systems that are so caught up in their own fantastic ideas, that they no longer do the first, basic, and most important step: LISTEN.