Saturday, February 27, 2021

Online Occupational Wellness Session for Opioid Recovery Program

Pennsylvania, USA ---- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green were the main presenters and facilitators of an online Holistic Wellness Presentation for Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. This session’s topic was Occupational Wellness.

Occupational Wellness is one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, which are all deemed to be necessary in order for an individual to experience and have a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are: Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Financial Wellness, Occupational Wellness, and Environmental Wellness.

 “Occupational Wellness is connected to a healthy view of what it means to be successful,” according to Chris and Carol Green, who have been married for 40 years. “We see this wellness connected to success in every area of our lives, starting with our family. Our process of success took us through a journey of detours, disappointments, and discoveries that were all necessary for our overall wellness.”

The objective of the session was that all participants would:

1. Have an understanding of what is meant by the term “Occupational Wellness

2. Recognize the four components of Ikigai.

3. Have an opportunity to consider their personal occupational wellness.

Carol Green brought forth a masterful presentation as she helped the participants understand the Japanese concept of Ikigai: the reason for being or purpose.  

“There are four main components of Ikigai” she explained, “Passion-what you love, Mission-what the world needs, Vocation-what you can get paid for, and Profession-what you are good at.  The goal is to have a balanced sense of Ikigai, which can enhance occupational wellness in our lives.”  

In concluding, Chris Green gave practical advice on how to achieve success and Occupational Wellness. He recommended that the online audience embrace eight key elements in their process of success.

“We think about the different seasons that we went through in our life, and how we had seasons of prosperity and seasons of leanness,” explained Chris Green. “We describe it like the natural four seasons. We have been through seasons of autumn, when the leaves were falling and then there were seasons of winter, when everything just seemed to be dead. There were seasons of spring when life was returning. And then the seasons of summer when it was hot and things were happening. Understanding how to flow in all seasons is key to understanding both perspective and the process of success.”

The Wellness Series host, and founder of the Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center, Pat Gadsden, concluded the online session with one of her well-known questions:  ”Do you live to work or work to live?”

Editor's note: Watch Chris and Carol Green’s Presentation HERE