Wednesday, November 8, 2023

First CARE-Ready Master Life Coach Trained and Certified

Amethyst Roberson

STEP Forward Life Institute, Pennsylvania, USA: Amethyst Roberson became the first CARE-Ready Master Life Coach trained and certified through the STEP Forward Life Institute by its founders and lead instructors, Chris and Carol Green (Hon.Causa, BCMHC, CMLC).

Amethyst Roberson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). She has specialized in Christian Counseling, Life Coaching for women and couples, and in Professional development services to those in need for 20+ years. She is also a dynamic speaker and author. Now she has added to her long list of credentials by becomimg a certified CARE-Ready Master Life Coach and Trainer. This means she is credentialed and qualified to train, produce and provide certifications for life coaches in her powerfully effective coaching model.

The Greens have known her for many years prior to her enrollment in the STEP Forward Certification programs; and have followed her journey to becoming a master-degree counselor, and a highly sought after therapist and practitioner in her own right. Not only did she become a certified CARE-Ready Life Coach back in the fall of 2021, but then she took on the challenge to become a certified Master Life Coach and trainer as well.

 "We are passing on the legacy of the CARE-Ready method within coaching through the training and certification of extraordinary professionals like Amethyst," Chris Green remarked enthusiastically.  "Dedicated people like her are assuring us that our CARE-Ready concepts will continue far beyond ourselves." 

The people that Amethyst will train in her new Elevate 2 Impact life coaching certification program will not only receive principles and strategies that are built upon a proven coaching model, but they will benefit from her many years of professional experience as a licensed professional counselor, certified life coach, and a cutting edge innovator who will walk them through a learning experience that will transform each of them as a person and empower each of them as a life coach. 

"We wholeheartedly endorse Amethyst Roberson as a master life coach and trainer," Carol Green said. "The investment that her students will be making to become trained and certified in her coaching model, is worth more than they can possibly imagine. With Amethyst, they will do much more than memorize material and parrot back facts and information on quizzes and exams. Through her training, they will become the person they need to be, so that they can reach their highest potential as a life coach."

Amethyst has the full support of the STEP Forward Life Institute, which provides the accreditation of her Elevate 2 Impact certification programs. She now joins with the STEP Forward Life Institute's other partnering groups and organizations that are all working in collaboration to bring a fresh and effective approach to life coaching during this critical time in our world. 

Amethyst also accepted an invitation to become a STEP Forward Life Instructor, and already has three training series embedded in the platform's online courses.