Saturday, September 16, 2023

Chris and Carol Green Endorse New Book That Unravels Shame and Rejection

We spoke today at the official launch of Lisa Kessler-Peters' new book, How I Learned to Hide: Unraveling Shame and Rejection.

She featured our written endorsement of her book as the Foreword and this is what we wrote and what we read to the audience at today's event:

"Lisa is like an instrument in the hands of a skilled surgeon, in the way she navigates the fine line between education, experience and faith. She brings forth knowledge and wisdom for those who are struggling every minute of every day in the aftermath of trauma, neglect, addictions and so many other overwhelming issues that are destroying people today.

Her sensitivity to explain clinical terms minimizes any feelings of intimidation for those who will read this, and it brings understanding and hope for those who are living with shame and rejection. In the most remarkable way, she encourages and empowers those who are walking along side of family, friends or colleagues who are still in hiding.

We highly recommend this book for people-helpers in all professions, no matter how long they have been working in their field of expertise. It’s time for all to come out of hiding, even those of us who are in the daily work to guide, coach, counsel or console others. This book must be in your library, and it must be referenced often."

Chris and Carol Green

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