Monday, August 1, 2022

Chris and Carol Green Train and Launch New CARE-Ready Responders from Missouri Faith Community

Chris and Carol Green in Virtual Training with their home church in St. Louis, MO

Missouri, USA ---- Today, Fruitful Life Educators Chris and Carol Green presented 12 worthy recipients their CARE-Ready Responder Certificates of Completion after they successfully attended two virtual training sessions that were hosted by the Metro Christian Worship Center in St. Louis, MO. (June 22nd and July 20th of 2022)

CARE-Ready Responding is the cutting-edge concept that was created by the Greens, that empowers people-helpers to operate in the principles of Civility, Awareness, Respect and Empathy in their personal and professional lives.

Bishop Raphael Green invited Chris and Carol Green, who had previously served as part of the founding ministry leadership of that congregation for 17 years, to return and adapt the virtual training for that congregation’s overall preparation for Evangelism and Discipleship of their families and communities.

In making the presentations the Greens told the new CARE-Ready Responders:

“With the tools and principles you have learned, you will be able to:

connect and communicate with others more like Christ, no matter who they are, what they do, or what they believe

have real conversations with others without comprising what you believe

build trust BEFORE making an impartation into other's lives

SEE the people and the world around you with hope

be an active member in an ever-changing society while staying focused on where God has assigned you

continually and effectively serve those hurting or in need

This training and these principles can be applied everywhere you serve, everywhere you interact with people. You have now been equipped to be CARE-Ready and it is enough for you to begin making real, lasting connections, one person and one soul at a time. So, go into the world and respond with CARE!”

The CARE-Ready Responder training is facilitated through the STEP Forward Life Institute™ which the Greens founded as an affiliate institution of United Graduate College and Seminary International. STEP Forward is an accredited online life education and ministry preparation platform. 

The Greens explain, “We provide practical instruction that equips our online students to add to their faith, embrace their unique process of success, and make certain they’re prepared for those once in a lifetime opportunities to minister to their families and serve in their community.”

To date, the Greens have now launched 38 CARE-Ready Responders across the United States. They offer this training as the pre-requisite for Responders who desire to ultimately become CARE-Ready Life Coaches.