Saturday, April 2, 2022

Historical First: Life Achievement Doctorates in Searcherdemics

Chris and Carol Green, (D.Se)

United Graduate College and Seminary Int'l:  In a historical first, Chris and Carol Green were each conferred an exclusive UGCSI Life Achievement Doctorate in Searcherdemicsin a virtual ceremony that was conducted during a UGCSI Searcher Education Summit with its Chancellors and Professors.

"Thank you for giving voice to Holy Spirit experience," expressed Carol Green, the newly credentialed professor. UGCSI's Chief Chancellor, HRH, Sir Clyde Rivers and its Chancellor, Dr. Michal P. Pitzl, officially bestowed the degrees. "And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change and enrich the world by passing on the knowledge of God and His viewpoint that changes lives in practical and profound ways."

Chancellor Pitzl is the founder and creator of the Searcherdemic Education model which has the potential to acknowledge and credential millions of people around the world, whose ideas and visions are lost simply because they don't have the finances or opportunities to navigate through the traditional educational matriculation process. 

"Your life, and the work that you have done, is the most tangible education that I have ever seen," Chancellor Pitzl told the Greens. "And if it is not worthy of a doctorate, I don't know what is." 

Searcherdemics is an instructional and teaching paradigm that provides a new educational opportunity for innovative minds; the people who often don't score well in standardized educational systems because they don't have standardized minds. In this model, students do much more than academically study, research, write papers and pass exams. They become their own case studies and real-world research through the implementation of their innovations and ideas. This education ideaology is founded on the principle that the Holy Spirit of God is the ultimate Educator. Therefore, students must search out the Godly knowledge and wisdom that will help them produce successful evidence-based results. 

Searcherdemics has become a new avenue for the masterful innovators who, most likely, would never have earned college degrees, even though they completely change the world by impacting the industries, disciplines, and communities in which they serve. Traditionally, the most they could ever hope for was an honorary masters or doctoral degree, or a certificate or plaque for their revoltionary ideas. Searcherdemics says they should receive actual earned credentials for their society-impacting life achievements that were accomplished due to their dedication, hard work, perseverance, and proven, evidence-based success.

"Thank you for encouraging, equipping and empowering us to move forward in our Searcher journey," Professor Chris Green stated, "We are eternally grateful and honored to receive such a prestigious credential. All glory and praise goes to God alone."

He added, "We love the fact that UGCSI is empowering people who can produce real answers for our world's problems, and this educational method provides an actual, measurable standard of success that can be recognized with comparable credentials that say, 'This Searcherdemician has the expertise and wisdom to successfully implement, teach, duplicate, and defend their philosophy.'"

Chief Chancellor Rivers recalled when he first met the Greens and how they built their God-given ideas into something that government leaders have acknowledged and supported in their community. He called them the poster children for Searcherdemics because we now live in a world that can't wait for 20-years of research before a new idea or methodology can be embraced. The pandemic exposed many of the fundamental, philosophical flaws in nearly every industry and normally it would take decades to respond. However, solutions can come forth NOW, from the Searcherdemicians who are already the embodiment of decades of research, case studies, and success.

"Consider that a prospectus is usually a document that outlines something that doesn't exist, yet it describes what it will become," explains the Greens who have successfully implemented, taught, duplicated and defended their Philosophy of CARE. "Searcherdemics believes you are that prospectus document. Therefore, the searcherdemic model is more than an academic education, business proposal, white paper, or mission statement, but it is a life development philosophy, that prepares you to release God's solutions in real time, and set yourself apart as an effective and creative contributor to your community's success."

The first Doctor of Searcherdemics recipient was Professor Shakuntala Reddy, from Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, who initiated a Philosophy of KINDNESS in the education curriculum of the primary school in her community. 

"Congratulations to our three excellent UGCSI leaders who have been building and spreading their Searcherdemic Philosophies for over a decade," stated Chancellor Pitzl, "It was determined that they should be the first recipients in the world to ever be bestowed this newly established doctorate from our institution."

Watch their key Ceremony Moment Replay