Friday, November 26, 2021

Chris and Carol Green Release New Book: Responding with CARE

How do you hold a conversation with people who have a political, social or religious view that is different from your own?  How do you build so much inner capacity for CARE, that you find it hard to cancel people?

In this powerfully relevant book for our times, the creators of the CARE-Ready Life Coaching® model and its mindset-changing initiatives and education, reveal their highly recommended, tested, and proven people-connecting strategies. 

The Greens build a strong case for adopting the principles of CARE (Civility and Compassion, Awareness and Accountability with Respect and Empathy) in our personal and professional lives.

Their innovative "Listen, Lift, Launch" approach was built from years of successfully empowering those who live and work in diverse and under-served communities.

Coaches, mentors, counselors, pastors, community leaders and neighborhood helpers have been elevated higher than the “assess and treat” approach to helping or confronting people.  Instead of trying to fix, reconstruct or debate with people, one can engage the principles of CARE: listening for understanding, lifting through skilled spiritual guidance, and launching people into new possibilities. 

With its Foreword written by La-Verna J. Fountain, a highly sought after communications and conflict resolution specialist who works with large scale organizations, this book has been over 30 years in the making. 

The Greens encourage you to add the CARE-Ready Handbook to your library by ordering your copy from Amazon Books at