Thursday, May 14, 2020

New Milestone: Over 75 CARE-Ready™ Life Coaches

Pennsylvania, USA ---Community Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, graduated their FIRST EVER, Live Video Conference-based Coaching Certification Class.

“When we started this class, we had not planned to host live video conference sessions,” explains Chris Green. “After our first session at Sound Community Solutions, Inc. on Thursday, March 19th, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, so we shifted to meeting weekly via Zoom Live Video Conferencing.”

Pennsylvania's Governor announced that state's shutdown at the same time the Greens started the program. That meant making quick and immediate adjustments to change over to a live video conference format. That included extending the class schedule from 6 sessions to 8 sessions in order to cover all of the material.

“These incredibly resilient, dedicated and determined students responded to the adjustments and remained focused as they navigated through personal challenges to complete the extended program,” Carol Green revealed. “Many were front liners, serving in human service and neighborhood outreach during the Covid-19 outbreak.”

After working through 8 weeks (12 hours) of instruction, homework, and group discussions, the newest CARE-Ready Coaches™ successfully passed an online exam, submitted their personalized life coaching field manuals, and made video presentations to express how they were each going to meet the challenges of implementing their coaching models in the community.

“As our time with this outstanding class comes to an end,” concludes Chris Green, “the next part of their journey is about to begin as we release them to work in under-served communities with new tools that will help make a greater impact.”

As affiliate members and International Statesmen with iChange Nations™, Chris and Carol Green have partnered with United Graduate College and Seminary International to offer an accelerated, ministry-accredited life coaching certification program. Their collaborative purpose and mission has been, to offer leaders, working in under-served communities, high-quality tools that empower and equip them to be more effective in their humanitarian efforts.

"We were truly inspired and encouraged by this group of students," Carol Green revealed. "We had some very special, powerful and even emotional moments in a couple of our sessions. They made a lasting impression on us, from which future classes will reap the benefit."

Since launching their CARE-Ready Coach Certification program in 2018, the Greens have now trained and certified 79 CARE-Ready™  Life Coaches and 25 CARE-Ready™  Responders.

Comments from the students of this graduating class of May 2020 included:

“I am very excited with this new journey in my life and ready to help as many individuals and families as possible with the help and guidance of the Lord and with the tools and knowledge acquired through this course.  For me it was a blessing that changed my life forever.”

"Great experience with two of the best instructors I've encountered in any training. Very informative   and on point; and an example of patience and persistence was definitely observed throughout the training! God bless and Thank You."

“You guys are awesome! I feel so blessed. I’m really grateful for you, Chris and Carol for teaching us and really involving yourselves while we went through this class. It was a great class.”

“This has been an amazing experience.”

"I want to thank Chris and Carol for an amazing class, like no other, it was top notch. You taught us so much and were hands on with everything. I’m forever grateful to you guys.”

"Chris and Carol Green led by example. They showed the evidence of what they teach by being authentic, interactive, timely and creative throughout the entire process."

"The Care-Readiness Class is life changing and I highly recommend it to anyone ready to prioritize goals and establish an action plan for their life. This class is second to none!"

Watch the Replay of the Online Ceremony HERE

As the world's leading producers of CARE-Ready Coaches™, Chris and Carol Green teach and train community, government and education leaders, human service organizers, business visionaries, and neighborhood dreamers how to be much more effective by embracing the principles of CARE (Compassionate Accountability with Respect and Empathy) in their professional and personal lives. They LISTEN to people, LIFT people and LAUNCH people. Then they equip and empower them to do the same for others.

Many coaching, mentoring and community outreach programs employ what is known as a "deficit model" of working with people. That's where you focus on the problems (deficits) of a person, and then apply a set of pre-determined, cookie cutter steps and treatments to address their issues. The deficit-based model is what many well-meaning Helpers use, but it rarely works long-term, leaving Helpers wondering why their clients fail to break the cycles of addiction and recidivism.

However, CARE-Ready Coaching™ mirrors the principles found in the proven, Best Practice strategies of Strength-based, Solution-focused models. CARE-Ready coaches are trained to connect with people in order to build a relationship/ partnership that empowers the client; thus allowing the client to discover the solutions that will work best for them.

Also, while many coaching programs focus on how to target potential high-paying affluent clients, and high-paying speaking opportunities, the Greens train, equip and empower Care-Ready Providers and Coaches™, who are willing to take on the most often overlooked people of society; those who live in under-served communities, who can least afford, but benefit the most from professional guidance.

If you want to be trained and empowered to coach or mentor with a purpose that's greater than yourself, EXPLORE THAT POSSIBILITY at