Friday, August 16, 2019

Introducing the CARE Ready™ Concept to Reentry Supporters

Chris and Carol Green address audience at the Sound Community Solutions Open House Event

Pennsylvania, USA --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, were among several speakers at today's Open House Event at Sound Community Solutions hosted by Vladimir Beaufils. SCS is primarily known for its reentry work with those coming out of prison. In this event, they highlighted their work by presenting testimonials and providing a tour of their newest facility.

"We wanted to add our congratulations and support of the tremendous work that is being done here at SCS," stated Carol Green. "We are especially honored to partner with this incredible organization. Our small part in this massive work has been in providing what we call, CARE-Ready™ Certification and Training for the staff and mentors of SCS and human service providers in this region.

When we met Vladimir, a little over a year ago, we had no idea the powerful connection we were making at that time. We sat in his office and shared our journey and a little bit about our specialized brand of life coaching.

Vladimir not only brought us in to train his staff and mentors, but he opened up his facility for us to run our training throughout the year for other individuals and organizations that requested life coach certification."

During their brief presentation Chris Green explained the concept of CARE Ready Coaching and Responding to an audience that included State Representative Patty Kim and newly appointed Board of Pardons Secretary, Brandon Flood.

"CARE-Readiness is a more responsive approach to the world of mentoring and coaching people," Green shared.  "We refer to our certified life coaches and mentors as CARE-Ready™ Responders and CARE-Ready™ Life Coaches because they are trained to offer (the CARE acronym) Civility/ Compassion, Awareness/ Accountability with Respect and Empathy in their work. They are equipped with the right tools to ask the right questions, in guiding someone to their life's answers."

Chris went on to express that many coaching, mentoring and community outreach programs employ what is known as a "deficit model" of working with people. That's where you focus on the problems (deficits) of a person, and then apply a set of pre-determined, one size fits all, cookie cutter steps and treatments to address their issues.

"This is why we appreciated the opportunity to partner with SCS," said Chris Green. "They understood that the deficit-based model is what many professionals and well meaning people-helpers use, but it rarely works long-term, leaving them wondering why their clients fail to break the cycles of addiction and recidivism."

According to Chris and Carol Green, CARE-Ready Certification and Training mirrors the principles found in the evidence-based strategies of Strength-based, Solution-focused practices.

"Our Coaches and Responders are trained to connect with people in order to build a relationship/ partnership that empowers the client," Carol told an audience comprised of some of South Central Pennsylvania's most influential leaders. "This model allows the client to discover the solutions that will work best for them."

She added, "While many life coaching programs focus on teaching coaches how to target potential high-paying affluent clients, and high-paying speaking opportunities, we train, equip and empower coaches to become Care-Ready Providers, who are willing to take on the most often overlooked people of society; those who live in under-served communities who can least afford, but benefit the most from professional guidance."

As affiliate members and International Statesmen with iChange Nations™, Chris and Carol Green have partnered with United Graduate College and Seminary International to offer an accelerated, ministry-accredited life coaching certification program. Their collaborative purpose and mission has been, to offer leaders, working in under-served communities, high-quality tools that empower and equip them to be more effective in their humanitarian efforts.

The Green's CARE-Ready Life Coaching Class involves 12 hours of training that walks prospective coaches through self awareness tools and the need for Intellectual Humility and Emotional Intelligence, while causing the participants to take personal inventory of one's own Wellness and Resiliency; which the Greens say, " absolutely necessary in order to make an impactful connection, build trust and partner with one's clients."

CARE-Ready certification and training includes homework, group discussions, a final project, and an online examination to obtain one's CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification.

The Greens concluded their presentation with an invitation, "We are formally inviting anyone that would like see CARE-Ready Training in action, to attend tonight's session. If you like what you see and love what you experience, you can sign up after the session.

And even if you don't enroll immediately, at least you can experience, first hand, one of the training programs that Sound Community Solutions is supporting and promoting that helps providers, coaches, mentors, case workers, outreach organizations, churches, businesses, and neighborhood dreamers who are seeking to positively change the lives of those in our community, who are seeking a fresh start and a second chance."

Learn more about the Green's coaching and consulting business, as well as their Care-Ready™ Model and Training, on their website at